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Sew the Mask Clips

AIS President & CEO Bruce Platzman's Video Interview on Sew the Masks with Tim Murray, President of the Worcester Chamber of Commerce.
Facemasks in America (op-ed):
AIS partners with United Way of NC Mass. to create and donate 1 million masks:
AIS launches 'Sew the Masks' campaign to support first responders and others at high risk from COVID-19:
Five things you need to know:
Leominster's AIS launches Sew the Masks campaign:
AIS Launches Sew the Masks Campaign to Support First Responders and Others at High Risk from COVID-19:
Business Insider (5/14/2020)
Sew the Masks program mobilizes corporate America to make masks:
WCVB (5/13/2020)
Sew the Masks program mobilizes corporate America:
Yahoo! News (5/13/2020)